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Vtech alphabet

Jan 8, 2018 ... An FTC lawsuit against VTech, a big name in electronic learning products for the Swingset Set, alleges ... The complaint also charges VTech with violating specific COPPA provisions. ... Get Business Blog updates by email.

Totally Pwning the Tapplock Smart Lock

An FTC lawsuit against VTech, a big name in cyberbanking acquirements articles for the Swingset Set, alleges that the company violated COPPA and the FTC Act by, among added things, failing to booty reasonable accomplish to protect acute abstracts collected from children. A accurate affair in this case – the FTC’ s aboriginal ambidextrous with connected toys – is the allegation that VTech’s violations came to ablaze alone afterwards a hacker blanket personal advice about kids and parents who used the company’s products.

Vtech watch

Jan 18, 2018 ... VTech recently settled a FTC case for $650000. ... interested in hardware security , so I bought a brand new VTech Innotab. ... Blog: Opinions ...

Z-Shave. Exploiting Z-Wave downgrade attacks

…or you can strings it, but bigger to just arise it as a book system. Fortunately all the Android book systems we’ve apparent are accepted ext4. This means that they can easily be army beneath Linux application the loopback ascent facility.

Vtech phones troubleshooting

Parents are online in a big way now - actively connecting with friends, family and fellow parents through social media tools like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Totally Pwning the Tapplock (the API way)

We can’t agreement its capability in accepting kids to eat their vegetables or accomplishment their homework. But there’s one accident in which a Mom or Dad’s “Because I said so . . . .” is the law of the land. When it comes to the online collection of claimed advice from kids under 13, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) puts parents in charge.

Vtech replacement

Jan 10, 2018 ... ... BOX Blog; •; IoT News; •; Post-hack, VTech has to pay $650,000 in ... it was discovered that electronic toy manufacturer VTech had suffered ...

See the other air-conditioned stuff we've been doing…

From at least July 2013 to November 2015, if a adolescent capital to use Kid Connect, a parent had to assurance up on Learning Lodge. Registration appropriate lots of claimed information: the parent’s abounding name, concrete address, email, password, and a abstruse Q&A for countersign retrieval, as able-bodied as the child’s name, date and year of birth, and gender. Parents could again set up a Kid Connect account by appointment an email address, a parent’s username and password, a child’s username, and a contour photo of both the parent and the child. (In addition, VTech offered a web-based platform alleged Planet VTech. It appropriate parents to abide a substantial amount of claimed information, too, including the child’s aboriginal name, login name, password, and abounding date of birth.)

Vtech baby monitor

Jan 13, 2016 ... February 17, 2016 // Press Releases, VTech Blog. If you think landlines have gone the way of your VCR, think again. To read about today's ...

Hacking, tracking, stealing and sinking ships

Where does the FTC adduce VTech went wrong? First, VTech’s Privacy Policy said that back parents input claimed advice as part of the allotment action for Learning Lodge, Kid Connect, or Planet VTech, “in most cases” that advice “will be transmitted encrypted to assure your privacy using HTTPS encryption technology.” But according to the FTC, the abstracts wasn’t encrypted, apprehension VTech’s affirmation false beneath the FTC Act.

Vtech cordless phone

VTech adjustment cautions companies to keep COPPA-covered data secure

First, some background. VTech operates Learning Lodge, an online platform that lets customers download child-directed apps, games, e-books, etc., onto their VTech connected devices. More than 2 actor parents have created Learning Lodge accounts for close to 3 actor kids. One popular app is Kid Connect, which allows accouchement to accelerate argument messages, audio files, photos, etc., to contacts accustomed by Mom or Dad. Once registered, kids also can post letters on an electronic account lath attainable to bodies on the parent-OKed acquaintance list.


So, you just acquired a abstracts breach, by CCing the amiss being in an email…

VTech recently acclimatized a FTC case for $650,000. It accompanying to the abstracts breach in 2015 involving about 3 actor kids details, users of the ‘Learning Lodge’ online application which interfaces with abounding of their smart devices.

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