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May 9, 2019 ... Rising geriatric population is increasing the demand for healthcare services around the globe. However, healthcare providers are seeking ...

5 Things to Love About the Cloud

First, some background. VTech operates Learning Lodge, an online platform that lets customers download child-directed apps, games, e-books, etc., onto their VTech connected devices. More than 2 million parents accept created Learning Lodge accounts for close to 3 million kids. One popular app is Kid Connect, which allows children to send text messages, audio files, photos, etc., to contacts approved by Mom or Dad. Once registered, kids also can post messages on an electronic bulletin board accessible to people on the parent-OKed contact list.

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Your best source for quality Virginia Tech Hokies news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

ERP trends to look out for in 2020

Let’s get geared up to start Bud Foster’s last season with a sentiment befitting his long 33 year tenure at Virginia Tech. He’s our original Lunch Pail carrying defender. Here’s your chance to accomplish a unique statement with a quality Tee Shirt from BreakingT.

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VTech | OnSIP's Business Voice Blog— Join the thousands of companies that read for the latest in business communications tools, tips, and more.

Build the Firewall: Government Shutdown is Affecting US Cybersecurity

We can’t guarantee its effectiveness in getting kids to eat their vegetables or finish their homework. But there’s one circumstance in which a Mom or Dad’s “Because I said so . . . .” is the law of the land. When it comes to the online collection of personal information from kids under 13, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) puts parents in charge.

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VTech | Visit our Active OT Blog now for cyber security related articles, white papers, & other downloadable content.

Top Healthcare Staffing Trends to Lookout For

An FTC lawsuit against VTech, a big name in electronic acquirements products for the Swingset Set, alleges that the company abandoned COPPA and the FTC Act by, among other things, declining to take reasonable steps to protect sensitive data collected from children. A particular concern in this case – the FTC’ s first dealing with affiliated toys – is the accusation that VTech’s violations came to light only after a hacker stole personal information about kids and parents who used the company’s products.

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An ERP solution is often one of the most paramount decisions a company will have to make. Although ERP solutions have become relatively less expensive ...

VTech settlement cautions companies to keep COPPA-covered data secure

Bayshore Networks® is a registered trademark. The Bayshore Networks logo, Industrial-Strength Cybersecurity™, Enable IT/OT Convergence Safely and Securely™, Enable the Industrial IoT Safely and Securely™, Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™, Bayshore IC™, Bayshore SE™, Bayshore SingleView™, Bayshore SingleKey™, Bayshore SCADA Firewall™ and Bayshore Pallaton™ are trademarks of Bayshore Networks, Inc. All other trademarks on this website are the properties of their respective owners. Copyright © Bayshore Networks 2019.

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Parents are online in a big way now - actively connecting with friends, family and fellow parents through social media tools like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

617 Million Account Are Up for Grabs from 16 Hacked Websites On the Dark Web

Where does the FTC allege VTech went wrong? First, VTech’s Aloofness Policy said that when parents input personal information as allotment of the registration process for Learning Lodge, Kid Connect, or Planet VTech, “in most cases” that information “will be transmitted encrypted to protect your aloofness using HTTPS encryption technology.” But according to the FTC, the data wasn’t encrypted, apprehension VTech’s claim false under the FTC Act.

Vtech camera

Mar 29, 2018 ... The OPC's finding on its investigation into the VTech breach is informative for Canadian business from a cybersecurity and privacy standpoint.

Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment

From at least July 2013 to November 2015, if a child wanted to use Kid Connect, a parent had to assurance up on Learning Lodge. Registration required lots of personal information: the parent’s full name, physical address, email, password, and a secret Q&A for password retrieval, as well as the child’s name, date and year of birth, and gender. Parents could then set up a Kid Connect account by submitting an email address, a parent’s username and password, a child’s username, and a profile photo of both the parent and the child. (In addition, VTech offered a web-based platform alleged Planet VTech. It required parents to submit a substantial amount of personal information, too, including the child’s first name, login name, password, and full date of birth.)

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